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New Logistics Centre for submarine cables is open for business

nkt cables’ new submarine cable Logistics Centre at Rotterdam’s deep-water port in the Netherlands has just gone online.

 The nkt cables Logistics Centre, with its present 9,000 tonne and 4,600 tonne turntable capacity has been implemented within the nkt cables production flow, in order to provide a substantial logistics capacity. With nkt cables´ unique cable splicing technology, nkt cables can connect long single cable lengths together to form extra-long continuous submarine cables, enabling load-outs of up to 6,000 tonnes - and even more - in one campaign to any cable laying vessel, adapting optimally to each specific project.

 nkt cable’s new Logistics Centre finalizes submarine cable production within the nkt cables flow process, and forms the interface to the project execution phase.

 In this respect, the new nkt cables offshore site in Rotterdam is designed to serve ongoing European wind farm evolution with high and medium voltage submarine cables throughout the year, and is, by its conception, able to secure on-time deliveries to any barge or sea-going cable-laying vessel, supported by nkt cables own highly skilled logistics team.

 To achieve this high level of flexibility, and to prepare for future demands with growing cable volumes, sufficient further space for extensions and additional turntable capacities has been foreseen.

At the end of 2012 nkt cables started with the installation of the 9,000 tonne turntable, highlighted by a flexible storage concept offering the possibility of partitioning into variable sections, and a safe and reliable driving technology to secure an undisturbed load-out service.

 Up to now, several load outs from and to different barges and sea-going cable-laying vessels have been successfully executed, and even extra long lengths up to more than 30 km of submarine cable have been produced and, just recently, loaded in a single, continuous length from the new site in Rotterdam.

 The f2c Logistics Centre in Rotterdam is one of the significant milestones of nkt cablesflow2customer concept which started with the opening of the f2c factory in Cologne, Germany in 2010. To secure the success of the renewable offshore energy evolution nkt cables is strongly committed to a continuous engagement in further technological and logistics developments, and the strong creation of a trusting, reliable and sustainable partnership environment together with our customers.