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How can you increase the sustainability and cost effectiveness of your cable projects?

At a time when electricity cable networks all over the world are facing a comprehensive modernization and expansion programme, making cable projects sustainable and cost effective is becoming increasingly challenging.nkt cables is here to help you to overcome these challenges and use them as a springboard for successful projects.On this website, you can find out more about how the ecological and the economic aspects of cable projects can be successfully brought together.

The nkt cables Go Green video provides a sneak preview of the future.

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Go Green
Go Green Score

Sustainability is possible

The Go Green solutions from nkt cables will put you in the perfect position to significantly increase the success of your cable projects both ecologically and economically. This is achieved using an approach which goes far beyond just using eco-friendly, resource-efficient and cost-effective materials and technologies.

Aside from effectively reducing emissions of CO2 and other polluting substances, our experts will support you in a wide range of areas. These include minimising electromagnetic fields, keeping excavation works and water consumption to a minimum, reducing transport use during the installation phase and optimising the whole risk management process. Results include:

  • Maximised sustainability
  • Significantly reduced total costs
  • Customised solutions closely tailored to meet your needs
  • Short installation times to achieve tight project deadlines
  • Improved public perception of the project

Sustainability that pays off

When calculating Go Green Scores our experts also determine the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the cable project.

This takes into consideration more than just investment costs. It also shows the actual total costs during the whole life cycle of the investment.

It is therefore an essential, solid foundation for making decisions when it comes to calculating and comparing exact costs and reducing them over the long term.

How the TCO is calculated:

The TCO is calculated using the net present value method. Over a period of 40 years, this method takes into account all inpayments and outpayments connected with an investment. The following costs are accounted for in the calculation:

Investment costs

  • Cable design
  • Conductor design, shield design
  • Assembly and cable installation
  • Civil engineering
  • Cable accessories
  • Commissioning tests

Business costs

  • Maintenance and service
  • Damage costs
  • Voltage-related losses
  • Current-related losses

Subsequent costs

  • Costs in case of faults
  • Downtime costs

With the Go Green Score and the TCO we provide you with two instruments so that your cable projects can be twice as successful:

Maximised sustainability + minimised total costs

Sustainability is measurable

The Go Green Score is an objective method merging all factors that are relevant to sustainability and presenting them in a user-friendly format.

The result of this assessment process is a single index number which enables you to compare different cable systems and project variants quickly and easily.

How the Go Green Score is calculated:

  • Gathering of all relevant project information (for example, material usage and any civil engineering works necessary),
  • Calculation using the “Lifecycle Assessment” method,
  • software (software relating to usage and investments)

The Go Green Score takes the following aspects into consideration:

  • Emissions of CO2 and SO2
  • Water consumption
  • Land usage (intensity, compensation areas, type of service class)
  • Traffic disruption due to installation phase
  • Electrodynamics (electromagnetic fields)

The result is valuable in making decisions for the assessment and optimisation of your cable projects.

Sustainability – documented and certified

The Go Green Score methods have been examined and certified by independent experts from DEKRA.

Innovative Highlights

The following examples show some of the product features and technologies that can be used to significantly improve sustainability and cost effectiveness.

Aluminium instead of copper
Longer lengths of cables
Go Green City Cable Valfit+
Dry Cable Terminations

nkt cables is pushing ahead with the switch from copper to aluminium. Cable conductors made from aluminium are lighter than those made of copper, can be installed more quickly and easily, are more cost-effective and require less energy to be manufactured and transported. Aluminium is therefore the first choice for those who want to reduce total costs and increase the sustainability of their cable projects.

By using longer lengths of cables, the number of joint bays can be significantly reduced. This not only means a noticeable reduction in investment costs, but also reduced costs for maintenance and repairs.

Go Green City Cable Valfit+ is an innovative solution for the installation of cables in heavily populated urban areas. Instead of the conventional installation process which requires three cable conduits, Valfit+ only needs one conduit. It also significantly reduces the need for excavation works which will also improve the public perception of the project in the local area. In this way, Valfit+ reduces expenses and costs. Go Green City Cable Valfit+ is not only perfect for the new installation of cables but also for modernising existing cable networks.

Go Green cable terminations are completely free from fluids. This ensures an easier and quicker assembly process and reduced maintenance costs. It also effectively prevents contamination of the soil in case of damage.

Do you want to determine the Go Green Score and TCO of your cable project? Do you want to find out what specific measures could improve the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of your project? Then arrange an appointment with our experts now!

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