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Strategy: Excellence 2020

nkt cables' current vision is built from its 'Excellence 2020' strategy, launched in September 2015, which focuses on the twin goals of increasing profitability and targeted growth. These were all built as our next goals on top of our constant philosophy of delivering the highest quality and most efficient solutions to our industrial partners, while pushing the boundaries of technology. However, the plan was also designed to build on the momentum and successes of our previous DRIVE efficiency improvement program, which was designed with the purpose of strengthening competitiveness by reducing costs. With this programme progressing smoothly, we will now use the momentum and develop the strategy in order to increase profitability and accelerate growth.

The Excellence 2020 strategy focuses on key areas which must be improved to support our ultimate goal, which we will support through various innovations and initiatives throughout the business.

Strategic targets

Overall, nkt cables tracks its ambition of becoming the best in the eyes of its shareholders, customers and employees in terms of:


Realising RoCE >15%

It is vital that nkt cables develops its long-term financial targets to retain its place as an industry leader, and builds on the increasing momentum of a profitability improvement achieved since the launch of the DRIVE efficiency improvement program at the end of 2012.

Becoming customers’ preferred choice

nkt cables will strive to become the preferred brand of its customers and partners based on offering our valued and extensive expertise, as well as high-quality products by working to deliver complete solutions and collaborating with our customers as much as possible.

Obtaining an employee trust index of >80%

We believe that a high rate of employee satisfaction is not only an inherently desirable goal, but is also instrumental in helping us to achieve the above aims.

Excellence 2020 presentation

By driving 'excellence' we will be the best power cable company by 2020 in the eyes of our customers and our people

Our vision is simple and ambitious. By driving excellence into everything that we make and do, we will be the best power cable company by 2020 in the eyes of our customers and our people.

By best, we mean the company that our customers prefer to do business with. We want our customers to choose us, because of our excellent expertise and our world-class products and solutions.

We also want to be an excellent workplace, where the best people in the industry prefer to build their careers and develop new, excellent ideas together with highly skilled colleagues across the organization as one company.

Our purpose

Our passion brings power to life. This is our purpose; our reason for doing business. It says in one sentence what we are here to do as a company, and it is the foundation for everything we do

In a globalized and interconnected world, everything depends on power. Power is the foundation of all the things we take for granted in modern civilization. At nkt cables we play an important role in supplying energy to global societies and bringing power to life.

Our purpose builds on our long and proud history within the cable business. Our products are technical by nature. But for us they are more than that.

There is a three-fold meaning in our purpose:

  1. Firstly, it is about the physical transportation of energy by means of cables going from A to B
  2. Secondly, it is about making contributions to society. We bring power to life in all of its meanings. We help trains run, we light up cities, we enable sustainable energy generation to reach consumers
  3. And thirdly, it is about bringing power to life in our organization by enabling ourselves to show our full potential


Our long history has shaped our current positioning and provides us with important experience.


Our values describe the behaviors we display to achieve excellence 

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